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Prestons Series Box - LIMITED EDITION

Prestons Series Box - LIMITED EDITION

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Limited Edition Box - The Prestons Signed Paperbacks and SWAG!

Snag this special box of Katherine Grant's award-winning series! 

Each box contains all three signed paperbacks, handmade soap with a matching quote from the series, and a Preston-monogrammed handkerchief. Limited quantity available!

Order by Saturday, November 25 for delivery within the USA by Christmas Day! 


Dive into this award-winning historical romance series featuring political enemies who fall in love, opposites who deny their attraction, and an unrequited love that blossoms into something deep and real. Here is what to expect from each book:

The Viscount Without Virtue

A Shelf Unbound Top 100 Title of 2022


Maximilian Hainsworth, Viscount Berwick, is on a mission: to write a scathing expose of England’s most famous country estate, Northfield Hall. While much of England praises Northfield Hall for its egalitarian economy and boycott of foreign imports, Max knows that the Preston family must have an alternative hidden income to explain Northfield's prosperity. Max is determined to uncover their secrets and humiliate the Prestons with an inflammatory report.

Disguised as a carpenter, he gets himself hired so he can learn Northfield Hall’s secret ins and outs. A few things quickly go wrong with his plan:

  1. He doesn’t bring his own tools
  2. No one is willing to speak ill of the Prestons
  3. He keeps accidentally flirting with Miss Ellen Preston

Ellen can see plain as day that the new carpenter’s assistant lied about his experience with woodwork. She is willing to overlook this, especially since he is handsome and easy to talk to. However, when she overhears him asking strange questions, she does some investigating - and discovers he is one of her father’s biggest political enemies. Taking the matter into her own hands, Ellen vows to delay Max’s report any way she can.

Even if that means kissing him again.

Working against each other, Max and Ellen begin asking difficult questions about Northfield Hall. What they discover forces each of them to rethink their own assumptions and answer for themselves: are their principles more important than love?

The Governess Without Guilt

Featuring book club discussion questions written by the Roaming Romance Boutique Bookshop!


Sophia Preston wants adventure, excitement, and self-determination. She hired herself out as a governess to gain independence, and now she has it at Robin Abbey: every day, she gets to mind the Cosgrove children, eat the Cosgrove’s food, and live by Cosgrove’s rules.

When John Anderson arrives as accoucheur ahead of Lady Widlake’s next baby, Sophia immediately sees the potential for excitement. Who wouldn’t want to seduce the handsome young doctor who is guaranteed to move on once Lady Widlake’s baby is born?

John doesn’t mind flirting with the intriguing governess - as long as they aren’t caught. He has goals, and they don’t include ruining his reputation. Still, he must admit that Miss Preston is everything he ever wanted in a woman: smart, beautiful, unlike anyone else he has ever met…

When counterfeit bank notes surface in town, the authorities suspect someone at Robin Abbey is the criminal. Suddenly, both Sophia and John are put under the microscope. They have no choice but to band together to find the true culprit. The only question is: will they find true love, too?

The Charmer Without a Cause

Everyone knows that a happy marriage begins with a lot of money and one good lie…

When Benjamin Preston falls in love with Lady Lydia Deveraux at first sight, his family thinks this is the start of yet another of his failed courtships. Benjamin is almost as surprised as they are when Lydia encourages his attention and even agrees to marry him. His family suspects she is after his newly-inherited ten thousand pounds, but Benjamin holds out hope that at last he has found his true love.

Lydia can’t help finding Benjamin attractive. After all, he is handsome, kind, and compassionate. But her heart belongs to Ireland - and to an Irish rebel who died for the cause of freedom. Now Lydia is determined to marry for wealth and political influence so she can help free Ireland from Britain’s rule.

Even if that means trapping Benjamin in a loveless marriage.

As their courtship progresses, Lydia and Benjamin find themselves caught in a web of lies, plots, and unquenchable lust. The only question is: can they help Ireland without breaking each other’s hearts?

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